About Virginie

My name is Virginie Douine, I was born and I am still living in the south-east part of France, near a town called Grenoble, in the French Alps. I am passionate about cooking and baking, one could say I have quite a sweet tooth! But above all, cooking for the ones I love is one of my personal pleasure.

I have never studied cooking though. Since my secondary school years, I have been passionate about the English language, English literature and history. It was then pretty obvious to me I had to focus my studies on this passion. Which I did, as I ended up passing a bachelor’s degree of English Language, Literature and Civilization. I have spent the last year of this Bachelor’s Degree in Nottingham, UK, thanks to the ERASMUS exchange program. A fantastic year I will always remember as one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Did I just say life? Yes, I did, and life has actually been a bit tricky with me as at that point it brought my future husband in my way… The young woman I then was, who had so many plans (travelling around the world, going to visit Australia and why not staying there to become a French-English translator?), saw all her plans upset. I finally decided to stay in France, and become an executive assistant in international companies. Which I did for some years.

Then… life decided to challenge me again. In 2010, two years after our mariage, Hugues and I became parents. But this new happiness also came with one of the most awful thing I had to live. Our newborn son, Evann, was to be diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic disease: cystic fibrosis. Our whole world just shattered on the day of this diagnosis. But… slowly, at the rhythm of Evann’s smiles and laughs, life reclaimed its rights. I decided to stop being an executive assistant, a function that was not compatible with the type of life, the cares and precautions a chronic illness such as cystic fibrosis can create. After some months thinking about what would be my life fighting cystic fibrosis with my son, and thanks to the encouragement of one of my friends, I decided to work as a freelance web translator and writer. I decided also I would use this shift in my professional life to share my passion of cooking thanks to the internet, by creating two blogs: one in French and another one in English. Authentiquementbon.fr and Authenticallyfrench.com were born! Two blogs in which I share simple recipes, authentic cooking, and tips I personally and daily use in my own kitchen. I do not claim to share extraordinary recipes and gastronomic cooking. This is not the type of cooking I wish to share with you all anyway. The recipes I want to share with you are family recipes, authentic but simple French recipes everyone can easily do, but above all recipes that will allow you to share precious moments with the ones you love. Everyday French recipes directly in your own kitchen !

Welcome in my life, my world and my authentically French kitchen!